GoldStream Transcoder:

Nowadays, everyone uses the internet and computer networks for sending and receiving audio and video, and social networks are replacing Radio and TV channels. Regardless of the quality differences and various circumstances on different internet beds, Transcoder supports live streaming with any quality and format.
Bandwidth management
The bandwidth in computer networks and telecommunication platforms is limited. So, it is important to make the best use of them. The product functions as a transcoder to provide the maximized quality out of limited fixed bandwidth. It offers the best quality audio and video, which match professional standards on the minimum bandwidth.
Transcoder makes a powerful and flexible tool in your TV solution for receiving unlimited streams of audio and video with various qualities and then records them and restream with required formats and standards.

· Receive unlimited simultaneous inputs
· Receive both SD and HD qualities
· Supporting HTTP and UDP protocols
· Non-stop 24*7 function
· Live streaming while recording
· Converting formats, resolutions, and bitrates

• Receives a variety of audio and video resources
• Supports different video file formats
• Supports different audio file formats
• Converting a file into several formats, concurrently
• Converting several files, all-at-once
• Putting the input requests into a queue
• Clipping and refining a resource without converting
• Displaying graphical progress for the converting process
• Displaying the frames when converting
• Works locally, through the LAN, and on the web
• Inputs can be received manually, automatically, or from other systems.

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