Goldstream Video Mixer:

It is a software product for computer control of input and output sources in a Television channel which playing back is provided on the internet by digital transmitters.

Video Mixer Automation

Video Mixer can receive audio video sources from professional camera as digital signals (SDI, HDMI) or from computer network (NDI). Also, it can receive internet sources like conferences as stream (HTTP, UDP).


Highlighted Features:

Receives signal and stream input

multiple input channels at the same time

nonstop performance

Plays a file at a specified time

Inputs preview

Adds graphics (logo, Crawl, title)

Communication with video-oriented social networks


Other Features:

Delay on play

Input images mixture

Optional recording



TV Channels

IPTV and OTT Platforms

Events (seminars, festivals, …)

Independent single user or several ingests in automation workflow


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