Goldstream Videowall:

The main important usage of Video Wall is the 
simultaneous monitoring of many digital TV/Radio channels from different
terrestrial, satellite, and web sources. Goldstream Video Wall affords display
of any number of channels with any desirable sizes and arrangement on one
screen. It helps users to do the monitoring job most simply.

Goldstream Video Wall can easily expand by adding to the number of channels and decreasing the size of windows or increasing the number of screens. If needed, several screens can be placed side by side to cover the monitoring of too many channels by one system. This application receives web TV channels as streams. Satellite/terrestrial signals are also turned into streams and received by Video Wall. So, this product is flexible and extendible.

Goldstream Video Wall offers various features to efficiently simplify the process of TV/Radio monitoring. Some of these features that multiple the efficiency are: grabbing snapshots from the displaying video, adjusting the dimension of each channel’s window, re-arranging the array of channels, and …


  • Simultaneous monitoring of many channels
  • Recording a channel while watching
  • Robust and stable against noises and signal loss
  • User-defined arrangement for display array
  • Extensible to add more screens and channels
  • Defining file format and path for recording
  • Controlled access to the resources for users

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