GoldStream Convertor:

It leads users to more effective asset management by converting audio-visual files into the needed formats. The system saves the resources with their original file formats and then, when requested, starts converting to the desired file formats and transcoding the files. This application uses automatic cataloging and story-making to speed up the metadata entry and enriching that. In addition to a standalone operation, Convertor can work connected to the other Goldstream products.


• Receives a variety of audio and video resources
• Supports different video file formats
• Supports different audio file formats
• Converting a file into several formats, concurrently
• Converting several files, all-at-once
• Putting the input requests into a queue
• Clipping and refining a resource without converting
• Displaying graphical progress for the converting process
• Displaying the frames when converting
• Works locally, through the LAN, and on the web
• Inputs can be received manually, automatically, or from other systems.

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