Goldstream Video Playout:

What is a Video playout?

A playout is a system that provides an easy-to-use environment to play videos based on a pre-managed and editable playlist for broadcast. The standard output of the video playout can connect to other equipment such as video switchers. Goldstream playout software also sends out the output as streams.

Playout Automation


A Playout Automation means having the playout software performing in full coordination with other sections in a workflow of media automation. Other automation parts (production, supply, news, archive, etc.) can update the playlist in the playout module. 

Highlighted Features:

·       Sends out the outputs as both signal and stream

·       Multiple output channels (PGM) at the same time

·       Non-stop performance (24/7)

·       Supports HD, SD, and 4K formats

Other Features:

·       accepting files, signals, or streams for input

·       recording inputs (signal or stream) while playing them

·       Mark In/Out, Fade In/Out, and Preview

·       Modifying the playlists while they are on air (moving, adding, removing, etc.)

·       Playlist in playlist


·       TV channels

·       IPTV and OTT platforms

·       Events (seminars, festivals, etc.)

·       Independent single-user systems

·       Automation workflows, as a multi-playout server

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