Monitoring Server:

Goldstream audio/video monitoring system provides users with various functions: receiving an unlimited number of TV/Radio channels from different resources (antenna, camera, …) at the same time, displaying them, and storing management. Some outstanding abilities of this system are automatic/manual record of the inputs, archiving, and keeping the records.

The main goal of this system and its connected applications is providing a complete solution and a concentrated convenient environment for monitoring multiple TV channels, scheduled recording, and archiving. It provides live access to all inputs even those which are being recorded.
Today, because of the huge amount of satellite TV channels, using the technologies for streaming TV channels over local area networks seems to be a necessity.

Monitoring server receives several TV channels using only one hardware card and then records and archives them with the original quality. By using more cards in a computer set, tens of TV channels can be recorded. Thus, the monitoring server is unlimitedly extendible to receive and record any number of TV channels.


  • Up to 8 selectable inputs
  • Supports DVB-T/T2 and DVB-S/S2 for inputs
  • Live-streaming each input in the LAN
  • Inputs are stored with their original broadcaster quality and based on the defined timetable
  • Inputs are streamed in the LAN with HTTP and UDP protocols
  • Selectable filing method (time-base or size-base)
  • Archiving the recorded files for any period
  • Lower costs by omitting receivers and cabling
  • Flexible, user friendly, and easy to install
  • Stable and robust against signal noises
  • Supporting encrypted channels
  • Offering multicast stream
  • Non-stop working (24×7)
  • Simultaneous users’ access to different channels
  • Scheduling for automatic recording
  • Manual recording available for users
  • Monitoring several channels on a large screen using the Video Wall application
  • Playback of a video while recording
  • Controlled access to resources for users

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