Goldstream Monitoring Client:

Fast and accurate

One of crucial concerns in a TV channel is to record the on-air programs, to save them, to keep them and, of course, to have a fast access to them when needed. Regarding the large sizes of the video files, it is important to preserve the video quality while storing them for a long time. Monitoring Server records digital TV and Radio programs of terrestrial and satellite digital signals and stores them for long term and provides fast and accurate access to them via monitoring client.

Simple and practical

Monitoring server also extracts and saves the EPG information and offers them via monitoring client and so the users refer to the list of played programs and simply and precisely go to the related resource and even exactly to the desired second. Splitting the videos, converting the format of the files, grabbing the snapshots, recording in the local side and viewing the programs are some of Monitoring Client facilities, so it helps users to monitor all the programs and prepare their report documents in the least time.

Computer based


Monitoring Client offers the received TV and Radio channels in a computer screen with the desired video formats or provides users with a video wall in a large TV screen for monitoring. So, TV and Radio channels are available via the computers connected to the local network and so there is no need for any further TV sets.


  • Live access to the TV programs
  • Viewing the programs using the recording date
  • Search for the programs using EPG
  • Access to the PPG information
  • Viewing the programs using the EPG
  • Simultaneous local recording of the channels
  • Recording with the main format; MPEG2 or MP4
  • Managing the access of users to the channels
  • Recording based on the time or the program
  • Grabbing the snapshots at any moment from any channel

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