Goldstream CG:


In the news studios, CG systems are used to display various CG items proportionate to the news subject. CG items like logos, crawls, banners, titles, images, or even animations can be rapidly created and played with a suitable effect along with the news. Goldstream CG simply selects the various crawls and displays them together or separately.


Goldstram CG works as both a standalone system or integrated with the other systems in the news automation. In the second case, any changes in the news playlist will be automatically applied in the CG output. Although it is possible to use the internal keying of the CG system , Key and Fill outputs provide the Alpha use, too. The playlists can be defined, modified, and saved while the CG system is working. It also supports various languages with right-to-left or left-to-right directions.


Goldstream CG is able to automatically receive the CG playlist of the rundown from Newsroom and apply the latest newsroom changes in the studio, instantly and automatically. Using this system the news directors prepare the CG items besides the news items in the newsroom and then use them in the studio.



• Receiving the CG items from the newsroom, directly

• Displaying logo, crawl, banner, title, and images

• Displaying flash animations

• Displaying image sequences to make an animation

• Supporting internal and external keying

• Supporting HD/SD standard

• Producing CG playlists while the system is active

• Supporting predefined CG templates


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